Connecting a Custom Domain with GoDaddy

Ready to connect your Emaze website or blog to your personal domain? Here’s how!

First, please note that to connect your Emaze website to a custom domain, the custom domain must be an existing domain purchased from a third party domain provider like GoDaddy (Or Google, etc...)

Second, connecting a custom domain to an Emaze website is a Premium feature. If you are a free user, please upgrade to an Emaze Premium account to continue.

These instructions are specifically geared to a GoDaddy domain. For all other domain providers, the steps should be similar.

1. Login to your domain provider portal


2. Go to the page where you can manage your domains, and on the domain that you want to connect, click “Manage.”


3. On the page of Domain Settings, scroll down and click “Manage DNS.”


4. You will be taken to the DNS Management page.


5. Add a CNAME record where the host is “www” and it points to your page (



6. Add an A record where the host is “@” and it points to “”



That’s it! Your Emaze website or blog should now be connected to your custom domain.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email our premium support team at


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