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emaze's brand new landing pages allow you to captivate your audience's attention in a colorful, visually engaging way! Our easy-to-use editor and beautiful layouts allow you to embed promotional videos and add your branding. Deliver your messaging in a quickly and easily with no coding required! Utilize a few of these quick tricks to customize your own mini-site.

To access the landing page templates, login to emaze and then click Mini Site:

When you've reached the template menu, select Play to preview the landing page. If you want to use a landing page template, click Edit:

Customize your presentation by selecting Settings in the Editor:

When you reach the template settings menu, select the second tab, Brand. In this window, you can select your brand colors for the font and the general color palette. There are also options to customize the landing page's font and table colors:

To make your landing page more interactive, utilize Targeting and Linking. This feature is especially useful if you have a menu at the top of your page and want your customers to be directed to different areas of your landing page by clicking on the different menu options. To start, first locate a target. A target can be text, an image, or shape that you want your audience to pay attention to. Select the element that is the designated target and then click on the Target icon on the toolbar:

Now name your target by typing into the space provided next to Set as Target. Once you have named your target, click Update:

Now select the element you want your viewer to click on in order to arrive at your target. Go to the toolbar and click on the icon of two links. Now click on the third tab, Object, and then click on the drop-down menu to find and select the target you've recently created. When you find and select your target to link to the element, click Add:

Now, for example, whenever you viewer clicks on "Meet Us" in the menu located on the top of the landing page, they will automatically be directed to where you secured the "Meet Us" target.

You can also link elements on your landing page or presentation to external web pages by selecting Web, or you can link an element to another slide in your presentation by selecting Slide.

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