Creating an Emaze E-card

Perfect for celebrating birthdays, holidays, or just to say hello, Emaze e-cards offer a unique, creative way to let someone know you're thinking of them!

  1. To create an e-card, first go log into Emaze and click Create New. Then when you get the box to choose what you want to create, choose E-card.


  2. Once you have selected E-card, choose the template that you wish to use. When you find one you might like, click the Preview button to preview what the e-card looks like. If you are already sure you want to use the template and get started, click Edit.


  3. From Preview, you can click the button in the banner that says Edit to start editing the e-card and customizing it! 


  4. You will be taken into the Emaze Editor, where you can customize the perfect e-card. To add more slides and see additional designs and layouts, click the Add button at the top left.




After you've complete your e-card, share it! Here are step-by-step instructions for how to share your project.

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