Creating an Emaze E-card

Know anyone who is celebrating a birthday? Do you want to send your dad a cool Father's Day card? Allow Emaze to help you share warm wishes with your friends and family through our e-card templates! These templates include brightly colored images, GIFs, and fun, festive fonts to help you celebrate, and announce monumental moments. You can make your e-card a little more personalized by adding some of your own audio, images or movies! Themes include New Year's Eve, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, birthday, wedding invitations, save the date, baby announcements, and thank you cards.

To create an e-card, first go log into Emaze and click Create New Emaze. Then click e-card:

Hover your cursor over a template thumbnail and click Preview to get a sneak peak of the template:

If you choose the template you just previewed, click Edit. If you would like to see other templates, click the ex on the top right side. You can also click Edit on the template thumbnail.

Once you click Edit, you will be taken to the Editor. To add a slide from the template, click Add:

Once you've added a slide, put in your favorite birthday song with the help of this wiki:, add fun photos of your loved ones by following the instructions on this wiki:, or embed silly videos:

After you've complete your e-card, share it! For step-by-step instructions, click here:

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