Download Your Presentation as a Video

You always knew that your presentation was destined for the big screen! Read on to learn how to download your presentation into a video file.  

1. Click on the three line icon, and select Download.  


2.  When the Download popup opens, select Video.

emaze will now prepare your video file and will send you a link to your video file as soon as it has been prepared.  This is a good time to get the popcorn ready, as this may take between 30 minutes to six hours depending on the size of the file. 

Please Note: The maximum length of time for an emaze video download is 15 minutes.  If your presentation runs longer, please divide your presentation accordingly.

3. Check your email and click the link to download and play the video presentation.


Want some tips on making a video presentation?  Check out this recent webinar on our Youtube channel:


Now that you have made it to the big screen, perhaps you'd also like to download your presentation to HTML?  Click here.  


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