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Forget watching your presentation in a browser and no need to unzip your files! With the Emaze Viewer you can now view and play your presentations offline. Haven't downloaded it yet? Read on to learn how to download, install and play in the Emaze Viewer.

Please Note: Our Emaze Viewer is currently in Beta. If you have audio and video in your presentation or are using a Mac computer please use the HTML download instead of the Emaze Viewer for the time being. Our HTML download offers an offline viewing experience that is entirely identical to our online player. To download to HTML, please see here: Download to Play Offline in HTML

1.  Select the three line icon and then select Download.

2.  When the Download popup opens, select Download Viewer under the option to choose Presentation.

3.  In the new tab, choose your computer type, we offer a version for PC and coming soon Mac.  Click Download.  

4.  Once you have downloaded the emaze Viewer, you can then proceed with downloading your presentation.  From the three line icon, select Download.

5.  When the Download popup opens, select Presentation

8.  Your presentation will now be downloaded into the Emaze Viewer and will play from there!

Now that you've got your presentation playing in our spiffed up viewer, how about printing out the presentation?  Click here to learn how to print your Emaze presentation.  


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