Custom Template Editor

Are you seeking a business branded template to better pitch your growing business?  Game change your marketing strategy with our new custom template editor.  Change fonts, color elements, and backgrounds to create your most emazing presentations yet! Please note, you must purchase a Business Plan in order to access the Custom Template Editor.

Can't wait to begin?  Allow me to give you a tour.

1. First click New and select a template. If you have a Business Plan, you will automatically see a chemistry beaker in the bottom-left corner of the template thumbnail. If you hover your cursor over this icon, you will see that it is labeled as "Custom Template." Click on the chemistry beaker icon. 

2. You will be taken to our custom template editor and receive our template settings popup:

Canceling this popup, which we will explain in more detail later, enables you to reach our entire template editor.  

Please note that our custom template editor looks quite similar to our regular editor with some basic differences.  There are three additional icons that we have highlighted as the essence of the Template Editor, Settings, Save and Publish.  


3. Click Settings to make your setting selections.  Once the popup opens, the one we viewed earlier, you can name your custom template, select three font choices, a color palette, a background color, and a slide background image.  

The color palette that appears by default is the color palette of the pre- existing template.  

To change the color palette options, click on the color box and select the colors of your choice. You can also add colors by selecting the + sign. To remove colors click the trashcan option.

Please note that depending on the template you choose you will have a specific number of boxes that must be defined in the template to accommodate all of the shapes and images that the template contains 

To change the background color, click on the color box and select the color of your choice.  

Add in a slide background image by browsing your computer for a select image that will grace your slide background.  

If there is a default background image for the template that you'd like to alter or adjust to your specifications, we offer you the ability to do so.  First, download it to your computer by clicking "download this image".  Then edit the image in an image altering platform.  Finally, upload the perfected image as your background image.    

To save your changes select Apply


The objects in the template, such as text, shapes, and background will automatically change to your new custom settings.

4. You can then begin to create slides that you'd like to reflect your particular brand. 

4. To save your custom selections, select Save located at the top left hand side of your editor.  Your settings will now appear as a draft in your New template options.

When a presentation has been saved in drafts, you can also restore it to its previous template settings or the original template.


5. Once you have finalized your custom settings, you are ready to publish them.  Publishing your custom template enables you to create new presentations based upon your custom settings.  To publish your custom template, locate the Publish button at the top left of the editor.  

Please note that presentations that are made in drafts will not contain saved template settings.  Your custom template settings must first be published in order to apply to any presentations made.

6. Now that your custom selections have been made, its time to use your new emazing template for an actual presentation.  Click New and select your custom template with its theme.

Add in your incredible content and your audience better prepare itself!  Your next marketing pitch will be especially emazing! 


Want to include your team in on the fun?  Click here to learn more about our Team Licenses.

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