Adding Links

Create links and maneuver effortlessly within your presentations and other projects! With Emaze, you can not only link to websites outside your presentation but also link between objects and slides that are within a presentation. 

1. Select the image, shape or text object that you'd like to link to an outside website, or to another slide or object in the presentation.


2. Once selected, the object toolbar will drop down.  Click on the hyperlink icon.


3. When the hyperlink window opens, it will show 3 options: Web, Slide, and Object.



To link to a website, simply put in the URL of the external website and click Add.



4. To link to a slide, choose the Slide option, and from the drop down menu, choose which slide in the presentation you want to link the object to. Then click Add.


5. To link to another object in the presentation, choose the Object option, and from the drop down menu, choose the object in the presentation that you want to link to. To link to an object, you will first need to set the other object as a target, and give it a name. Once you have selected your targeted object, click Add.


6. Once an object has been linked, it will appear with a small hyperlink icon at the bottom left corner of the object. 


When playing the presentation, to reach the link, simply click on the object.

7. To remove or change a link, select the desired object. When the object toolbar appears, select the hyperlink icon. A new hyperlink window will drop down, this time with the options to remove or to update the link. 


Now that you have mastered adding a hyperlink to an object, watch this presentation to learn how to link between objects in a presentation.  


What about embedding a presentation into your website or blog? Click here to learn how.

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