Business Team License

We dare you to team up on us!  With our new Team License, your team can create presentations together, design new templates to reflect your business and all at a price that is truly emazing!

Gather up your team and let's get started.

1.  Click Upgrade at the top right hand corner of the My presentation page.

2. Once on our pricing page, under Business click Start Business.


Your Business plan can include as many team members as you wish.  On our payment page select the number of licenses that you'd like to purchase.

3.   Once you have obtained your team license, you, as an Admin have the power to start lining up your team.  Click the Team tab next to the Shared folder tab. 

Click on your username at the top right corner, and select Team Settings. In the Team Settings popup, you, as an Admin, can control your team settings.

Here you can add new team members, view how many licenses you have, purchase more licenses, change your team's profile image and name, search members of your team, and find out the view number on their individual presentations, all in addition to having the ability to create new custom templates.

As an Admin, you can also designate the status of each member.  Designers can create new custom templates and members can make presentations using the new customized templates.

Click Save to save any changes.

4. If you need to purchase more licenses you can also do so from this popup. Click Buy now located at the top right of the popup.  

Now that your team has been assembled, it's time to collaborate and build those presentations that are sure to wow your audiences!


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