Business Team License

With our Emaze Business Team plans, you can give your entire team all the most exclusive Emaze features and work on projects together. Here's how to upgrade to a team plan and manage your team.

1.  When logged in to Emaze, click Upgrade at the top right hand corner.


2. Once on our pricing page, check out our Team plans, including our Small Business, Corporate, and Enterprise plans. When you have chosen the plan you want, click Start Now to purchase the plan.


3.  Once you have been upgraded to a Team plan, you will see a new Team tab on your Emaze dashboard. This is where you can find all of the projects that have been collaborated by one of your team members with your entire team.


4. To manage your team, go to username at the top right corner, and select Team Settings. In the Team Settings popup, you, as an Admin, can control your team settings.


Here you can add new team members, view how many licenses you have, purchase more licenses, change your team's profile image and name, search members of your team, and find out the view number on their individual presentations, and also add in your team's custom fonts.

As an Admin, you can also designate the status of each member. Designers can create new custom templates and members can make presentations using the new customized templates.

Click Save to save any changes.

5. If you need to purchase more licenses you can also do so from inside your Team Settings. Click to Contact us to get set up with more licenses for your team.


Now your team is all set and ready to go!


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