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So you are loving emaze and have made quite a few presentations.  Want to show them off and market yourself?  Check out our new and improved Public Page, which is a presenter profile page where you can display all of your presentations and contact information. 

When you first login to emaze you will find your profile box on the left hand side of the page.  


Editing this information will be reflected on your My presentation page as well as your Public Page.  

To reach the My Public Profile popup, click the edit button here:

You will now reach the My Public Profile popup:


At the top of the popup you can change your picture and cover photo.  Click on the individual fields to edit your Name, emaze Username, Location, Website, and About information. Click Save Changes.  

Your Name will appear at the beginning of each played presentation.

Your emaze Username is a unique identification that will appear in your Direct link.

Please note that all of the profile information that you enter here will be visible to the public.  

The Direct link field will provide you with a link to your actual Public Page.  Feel free to share this link with whomever you may choose by copying and pasting it into your favorite share location.

To the right of the Direct link,

locate the following button:

Click on this link to access your Public Page.  

You can also access your Public Page from your My presentation page by clicking here:


At last, you have arrived at your Public Page:


Your Public Page displays all of your entered contact information as well as all of your presentations. Anyone can reach this unique Public page by clicking on your name below your presentation thumbnail.  It is a great way to show off all your hard work and to create your presenter image.  

All this begs the question, what kind of presenter are you?

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