Download a Presentation in a PDF Format

Need a pared down version of your presentation? Download your presentation in a PDF format.  

Please note that to download your presentation in a PDF format you must first download Adobe Reader. To get Adobe Reader please go to:

1. In play mode, go to the hamburger 3 line menu and click it to access the presentation sidebar. 


From there, select Download.


 2. When the Download window appears, click PDF.


3. Depending on your browser the PDF file will open differently:

DOWNLOAD_A_PRESENTATION_IN_A_PDF_FORMAT_chrome-icon.png Windows Chrome
: After the file has successfully downloaded, left click on the file to open.

DOWNLOAD_A_PRESENTATION_IN_A_PDF_FORMAT_safari_icon.pngSafari & DOWNLOAD_A_PRESENTATION_IN_A_PDF_FORMAT_internet_explorer_____.png Internet Explorer: The file will open automatically.

DOWNLOAD_A_PRESENTATION_IN_A_PDF_FORMAT_firefox-icon.png Mozilla Firefox: After the file has successfully downloaded, left click on the file to get the following popup:


Click Ok and the PDF will open.


To see a presentation on the subject please see here:


Please Note: If text in the PDF moves from one line to the next and does not appear in the same format as your online presentation, please enlarge the text wrapper.  If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team at and we will be happy to help you!

So you've successfully got your PDF, but now your colleagues are asking for a printed version?  Check out How to Print a Presentation.

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