Adding and Editing Images

Learn how to add, replace, edit and style images in your presentation.

Adding Images

In the Emaze Editor, select Image from the toolbar at the top of screen.


When you click Image, a pop up will appear. This is where you can choose where you want to add an image to your presentation from.


If you want to add an image from a file on your computer, click the My button, where you can browse through your files and find the image file you want to add.

If you would like to search for an image from online from directly within Emaze, you can do so in the Web option. You can also paste the URL of an image from online in the box and add that to your presentation.

You can also drag and drop an image from your computer directly into the slide in Emaze!

Replace an existing image

To replace an image, either double click on the image you want to replace, or select the image you want to replace and click the Change Image icon from the image toolbar.


This same pop up will appear. Choose the image you want to replace the selected image with.


Changing an image's size

To make an image larger or smaller, select an image and drag its corners to the desired size.

Image styling and beyond

Did you know that you can add borders, effects, opacity, targeting, linking and more to your images in Emaze?

Select an image and the image toolbar will appear.

Here is an explanation of what each of the icons allows you do to to your image:

style.jpg Styles: Changes the colors, background colors, and adds borders.

change_image__1_.jpg Change Image: See above

crop.jpg Crop: Crops a part of the image.

Border width: Sets the border width.

stroke_color.jpg Border color: Sets the border color.

effects.jpg Effects: Sets special effects to the image.

opacity.jpg Opacity: Sets the opaqueness of the image.

link.jpg Hyperlink: Add a hyperlink to an image (Please see “Hyperlinking an Object”).

target.jpg Target: Add in a target object that you can link to another slide.

audio.jpg Audio: Add audio to your presentation (Please see “Adding Audio to a Presentation”).

arrange.jpg Arrange:  Arranges the image in relation to other objects on the slide.

hor-align.jpg Center Vertical: Centers the image to the vertical center of the slide

ver-align.jpg Center Horizontal: Centers the image to the horizontal center of the slide

lock.jpg Lock: Locks the image to prevent it from being moved or deleted. 

rotate.jpg Rotate: Rotates the image.

3d.jpg 3D: Applies 3D motions to the image.

Copying, Pasting and Deleting Images

Copy: Select the image and click Copy or Ctrl+C

Paste: Click Paste or Ctrl+V to paste your copied image

Delete: Select the image and click Delete or the delete keyboard button

Select more than one image by keeping the left mouse button pressed and then dragging the mouse around the images that you want to select.

Please note that you can copy and paste onto the same slide, a different slide and even to a different slide in another presentation.

Moving Images Around the Slide
Select the image with the left mouse button and drag the selected image. You can also use the keyboard arrow buttons. To move an image by a tiny bit (1 pixel) at a time, use the CTRL + keyboard arrow buttons.


Now you will be adding and editing images in Emaze like a pro!

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