Templates and Themes


The emaze concept is to provide many different templates each with it's own unique design, style and feel.  With our emazing templates and themes, your presentations are quick to make and beautiful to watch! 

emaze is constantly creating new templates with different styles.  Click New to see all the available templates.  Hover over a template to get a sense of the design and transitions that characterize that template.


Every template offers different themes with varying colors, backgrounds and fonts. A theme is actually a collection of predefined slides with a common style, color and feel.

To enable simplicity of use, our graphic designers created ready made themes for each template.  After clicking on a template, the available themes for this template will be presented below the selected template.

After selecting a theme, you will enter the edit mode, where you can edit and play your new presentation.

Changing Themes

  1. In the editor you can change the template’s theme.  Click Themes at the top left of the screen, to the right of the section button.

    Please note that the Themes button will only appear for templates that have more than one theme.

  2. Select one of the available themes that best suits your needs.  All the slides in your presentation will change accordingly.

    Once your theme is set, let the presentation making begin!  Check out Getting Started with emaze!
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