Adding Video

Prepare to wow your audiences with your audio and video enhanced presentations! Read on to learn how to add your special media to make for a truly emazing viewing experience!   

  1. In Edit mode, select Media from the object toolbar at the top of screen.


  2. In the Media window, select a video file or video link and click Add. Video files can be drawn from your computer, YouTube, Vimeo or Adobe Flash.  


    Once you add in your video, you will have the option to check Loop or Autoplay.  

    Check Loop and the video will play in a continuous loop.

    Check Autoplay and the video will start playing automatically when entering the slide.

  3. Change the video’s size by selecting a video and drag its corners to the desired size.


  4. Change the slide timing of your slide with media so that when the presentation is on autoplay, the video plays in full.  To change the slide timing, please see our Wiki, Set Slide Timing.

  5. Access the video toolbar by selecting the video.


  6. Replace an existing video by selecting a video and click Edit Video from the video toolbar.


    In the Edit video window, paste the new video file or link and click Update.


  7. For more video options, select a video and the video toolbar will appear.

     Style: Sets the style of the video

     Border Width: Sets the border width of the video

     Border Color: Sets the border color of the video

     Effects: Sets the Effects of the video

     Opacity: Sets the opaqueness of the video

     Target: Sets the video as a target in your presentation

     Arrange: Arranges the video in relation to other objects on the slide

     Lock: Locks the video so that it can't be moved or deleted.


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Now that you have added your video, how about some audio effects? Check out Adding Audio or Music to an Object.

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