Change Slide Timing

If you have specific slides that require more explanation, here's how to adjust the timing of your slide.  

  1. In the Editor, click on a slide from the slide list.


  2. Hover over the clicked slide and select Slide Options which is the three-line icon.


  3. The Slide Options window will open.


  4. Set "Stop Duration" to the length of time in seconds the player in autoplay mode will show this slide before displaying the next slide.

    Apply to all slides: When checked, the time set in "Stop duration" will apply to all the slides in the current presentation.

    When not checked, the time set in "Stop duration" will only apply to the current slide.

    Auto Play: When checked, the player will automatically display the next slide after showing the current slide for the time set in "Stop Duration."

    Vertical Scroll: When checked, the physical length of a slide is extended.

  5. Click Apply to save changes.

The slide timing has been set, now Let's Play the Presentation!

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