Forgot your Password?

It happens. Read on to learn how to reset your password.

  1. At the top right, click where you can Login/Sign Up.


  2. Enter your email address that you use to login to Emaze, and click Reset at the bottom.


  3. You will get this popup where you input your email address and click Reset.


  4. Within seconds, you will receive an email from us with this message:


    Click Reset Password to be taken to the page where you reset your password.

  5. Follow the link to the new password reset tab.  Select a new password and then re- enter the password in the next field.


    Once you have entered your new password, click OK and your new password will be saved and you will automatically be logged into your Emaze account.


Now that you are in your account, it is time for the emazing fun to begin! Click here to get started with Emaze. 

In case you didn't receive the email to reset the password, please contact our Social Media Support or email us at

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