Let's Play the Presentation

The time has come to present your presentation! Read on to learn how to play your presentation. 

There are a couple different ways to view your presentation.

1. Hover over a presentation thumbnail from the My page and click the play button to view.


2. To view your presentation from the Emaze Editor, click on the Play button at the top right of the screen. Once in play mode you can control the slides by using the side arrows and player control bar at the bottom.


Click on the hamburger menu at the top right of your presentation as it is being viewed to access more options. 

Player Control Bar options:

Click on the left and right arrows to go forward and back in the presentation.

Press the Play arrow to play the presentation in a continuous loop.

Pres the grid tiles button to access the presentation agenda, where you can see all the presentation slides and sections.

Click on the double sided arrow to expand the presentation to view in full screen.


Clicking that hamburger menu will open up all of these options.


LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_11.jpg  Duplicate: Makes a copy of the presentation.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_9.jpg  Download: Downloads the presentation and plays it offline.  Please see here for more details.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_8.jpg  Print: Prints the presentation.  Please click here for more.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_5.jpg  Share: Shares, collaborates, creates links, embeds, and make your presentation private.  Please click here for more information.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_7.jpg  Translate: Translates text into a different language.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_10.jpg Delete: Delete the presentation.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_12.jpg Edit: Go back to edit the presentation and make more changes.

LET_S_PLAY_THE_PRESENTATION_6.jpg Analytics: View analytics on this presentation.

You can also play your presentation offline after downloading it (if you are a premium user), or view your presentation by creating a link to it.

Did your presentation play too quickly?  Learn how to Set Slide Timing.  

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