Adding Text

You've done your homework and now it's time to show it off.  Read on to learn how to integrate your text content into your presentation. 

Adding Text

  1. Click Text at the top of the editor.


  2. Select your desired text style. There are always three carefully selected style choices for each template that contain different fonts, colors or sizes. These are labeled Title, Sub Title and Text. Once selected, a text box will be added to the slide. You can always change the font, color and size of your text.

  3. Start typing in your new text and it will override the default text. 


Editing Text

With the Text toolbar you can edit the text and change the text color, size, and add effects etc.  Select the text.  The Text toolbar will drop down from the top of the slide.



style__2_.jpg Styles: Changes the style of the text to the preset font and color style of the text chosen for the template for Title, Sub Title and Text.

text_size.jpg Font size: Changes the font size.

text_align.jpg Text Align: Aligns the text to the left, right, or center of the text box.

bold.jpg Bold: Makes the text bold. If you click on this button, it will also drop down options for Italic and Underline.

text_color.jpg Text Color: Changes the color of the text.

text_bg_color.jpg Background Color: Changes the background color of the text.

effects__1_.jpg Effect: Adds a special effect to the text. Choose from dozens of special effects options.

opacity__1_.jpg Opacity: Adjusts how opaque the text is.

text_list.jpg List: Puts your text in bullet point/list format.

text_indent.jpg Indent: Indents your text.

text_direction.jpg Text Direction: Changes the text direction from left to right to right to left.

link__1_.jpg Hyperlink: Adds a hyperlink to your text.

target__1_.jpg  Target: Adds a target to an object that can be hyperlinked.

audio__1_.jpg Audio: Adds audio to your text.

arrange__1_.jpg Arrange: Arranges text in front of or behind other objects on the slide.

ver-align__1_.jpg Align to Horizontal Center: Aligns the text to the horizontal center of the slide.

hor-align__1_.jpg Align to Vertical Center: Aligns the text to the vertical center of the slide. 

lock__1_.jpg Lock: Locks text so that it cannot be moved or deleted.

rotate__1_.jpg Rotate: Rotates the text.

3d__1_.jpg 3D: Lets you adjust how the text is placed on the X, Y, Z, and T axis.

line_hight.jpg Line Spacing: Adjusts how much space is between the lines of text.

letter_space.jpg Letter Spacing: Adjusts how much space is between each character or letter of the text.

Copying, Pasting and Deleting Text

Copy: Select the text and click Copy or Ctrl+C

Paste: Click Paste or Ctrl+V to paste your copied text

Delete: Select the text and click Delete or the delete keyboard button

Select more than one text object by keeping the left mouse button pressed and then dragging the mouse around the texts that you want to select.

Please note that you can copy and paste onto the same slide, a different slide and even to a different slide in another presentation.

Moving text around the slide

Select the text with the left mouse button and drag the selected text.
You can also use the keyboard arrow buttons. For more exact positioning to make text by 1 pixel, use the Ctrl + keyboard arrow buttons.

Select more than one text object by keeping the left mouse button pressed and then dragging the mouse around the texts that you want to select, or by holding down on the Ctrl button and clicking on the elements you want to move, then moving them with the arrow keys. 

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