Editor Overview

emaze makes editing emazingly easy.  Read on to get oriented to our editor and learn how to add your fantastic content into our expertly designed templates. 

  • To get to the editor, on the main page, click MY and hover over a presentation.  Select Edit

  • You will then enter edit mode:

  • At the top left of the screen you will see the Slide, Section and Themes buttons.

      adds a slide to your presentation.

      adds a section to your presentation.

      Changes the presentation theme.  For more on themes, please see Templates and Themes.

  • In the middle of the screen you will find the Text, Image, Media, Shape, and Chart toolbar.  Click on each icon to reveal a special toolbar related to that icon.

      inserts a new textbox by way of selecting a text style of your choice.  To learn all about Text, please click here.

      inserts a new image.  To learn everything about images, please see Adding Images.

      inserts a video or audio file.  For more details about videos, please click here.

       inserts a shape.  To learn more, check out Getting into Shape!

       inserts a chart by way of a chart toolbox.  Enter in your data or copy and paste from a different file and then select a graph.  For specific instructions, please click here.

  • At the top right of the screen you will see the Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, Redo, Save and Play buttons.

     undoes the last action.

     redoes the last action.

     copies the selected object.

     pastes the copied object.

     deletes the selected object.

     saves the presentation.

     plays the presentation.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the editor, it's time to get to work and learn how to Add ChartsAdd ShapesAdd Text, or Add Images.

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    Gary Graves

    I do not see who this articles tells me how to change the font... what am I missing?

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    Hi Gary, To change the text font first select the text. Then from the drop down menu select the Text Style icon. You will have the option there of carefully selected style fonts labeled Title, Sub Title and Text that integrate into each of the templates seamlessly.

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