Import a Presentation from PowerPoint

In case you already started working on a PowerPoint presentation, you can import it into Emaze to use as a starting point. f you already have a PowerPoint presentation that you want to use as a basis for a presentation.

  1. When logged into Emaze, click Import PPT at the top right of the screen to the left of the CREATE button, or click the box that says Emazify Your PowerPoint. A new window will open.


  2. Click Select Supported File to choose a ppt file from your computer.


  3. Select the PowerPoint presentation that you want to import into Emaze. Click Open.  Please note that only pptx (Microsoft 2007 & above) files are supported. 


  4. Select a template by clicking on a template. You can choose to keep the original formatting of the PowerPoint presentation, or use a new Emaze template.


  5. An “Import your PowerPoint" window will open. Wait a couple minutes while Emaze technology converts the file to Emaze format.


  6. You will receive a pop up saying that the newly imported presentation will now open in the Editor. Please note that when importing a PowerPoint presentation, only text and images will be added. Click Continue to be taken to the Editor.


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