How to Play Your Presentation Offline Using Your Browser

You've downloaded your presentation and now the moment you have been waiting for has arrived!  It is time to present! Read on to learn how to play your presentation offline using your browser.

  1. Go to the Downloads directory and locate the saved zipped presentation.  Right click on the presentation.

  2. Select Extract All.


  3. Select a destination folder for the unzipped presentation and click Extract.

  4. Play the presentation offline by double clicking on the HTML file, labeled “Presentation (Presentation name).” The presentation will play in the default

  5. To play the presentation in a different browser, right click on the presentation HTML file and select Open with.

Select a browser to play the presentation.


Saving Your Presentation

Once you have played your presentation, you can save the presentation by either saving it in its zipped folder format or in its unzipped format. To save it in its unzipped format, please save the unzipped folder in its entirely as all the files are necessary for the presentation to play. You can then copy to an external drive, save to backup, or send it to others via email.

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