Editing a Presentation with a Colleague

Do you want a colleague or classmate to collaborate with you on your presentation? Read on to find out how.

After inviting someone to collaborate on your presentation with you, the presentation will appear in the recipient's Shared tab in Emaze.

The recipient will then be able to edit or view the shared presentation based upon the permissions that you have established.

Please note that collaboration is only possible for Business and EDU Team users.

Select Share by either hovering over a presentation, clicking on the small yellow arrow located next to the padlock icon, and clicking on the third option in the drop-down menu.


Or, when in play mode, by clicking on the three line icon, and selecting Share from the Presentation sidebar.

After the Share window opens, select the Collaborate tab. 


 Type in the email address of the person you'd like to enable collaboration and click ADD.


When just View is checked, the recipient will only be able to view your presentation.

When Edit is checked, the recipient can edit your presentation. Please note that editing cannot be done simultaneously.

To remove the recipient from your Collaborate list, click on the trashcan icon.

Upon clicking ADD, the recipient will both have immediate access to your presentation by opening their Shared folder, as well as receive an email notification that you have shared your presentation with them.

The recipient can also see which options were enabled, by clicking Share on the shared presentation.


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