Adding Audio or Music

Find out how to add an MP3, MP4, or YouTube audio file to your presentation or other type of project in Emaze. 

  1. In Edit mode, select the Text, Image, Shape or Chart to which you want to add audio.


  2. The object toolbar will appear at the top of the screen.


  3. Choose the Audio icon:


  4. The Audio window will open.  


    Add an MP3, MP4 or YouTube audio file either by selecting an audio file from your computer, by clicking Browse, or by copying and pasting the link to the audio file From Web.


Additional Audio Settings
Stop on slide: Audio stops playing upon exiting the slide
Start on time: Audio starts playing from a specified time section of the audio file
Loop: Audio plays continuously
Auto play: Audio plays automatically when entering the slide

Manual Audio Control
Start audio: Left click mouse on the object containing the audio file
Stop audio: Right click mouse on the object containing the audio file

Wondering if you can also add audio through the Media button?  But of course! Watch the presentation below to learn how to add audio to your presentation through the Media icon.  


You've got the audio, now what about Adding Video?

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