What features do each of the different premium plans offer?

Emaze understands that our users have different needs when it comes to making their presentations.

The Emaze Pro plan offers the ability to download presentations to watch offline, make presentations private, and the ability to collaborate on a presentation with a colleague. 

The Business Team plan includes our custom template editor that enables your company to make business branded templates.  It also comes with the ability to designate roles for your team to allow for seamless collaboration.

This plan also features analytic insights that provide feedback and measure the effectiveness of your presentations. We are always here to help guide companies to use these tools well, and are happy to provide virtual meetings and private product demos for your company to ensure that you are making the most of the Business Team plan.   

Please visit our pricing page here.  To read more about downloading your presentation, click here.  To find out how to make your presentation private, please see here.  To learn how to collaborate please see here. To learn about our custom template editor please see here.  To learn about our Team License feature please see here.    

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