Remote Presenting Tool

A remote presenting tool has been added to Emaze's comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for the Emaze for Business platform. 

Emaze’s remote presenting tool allows businesses to make sales pitches while keeping security as a top priority. This seamless and easy to use platform also gathers analytics on viewing behaviors. The remote presenting feature is available for all Emaze business users at no additional cost. Learn more about the tool and how it can be used here.

Here are the instructions for using the remote presenting tool:

Log in to your Emaze account at

From the HOME tab, go to the MY tab.

In the MY tab, either create a new presentation, or location the existing presentation that you have created that you would like to present remotely.

Click on the lock icon at the bottom right corner of the presentation thumbnail, or click the downward arrow right next to it, and select Share. Then make sure to select the Privacy tab in the popup.


Select the privacy setting that you would like to use. If you will be emailing your remote presentation link to people outside your company or team, it might make sense to make your presentation Public, or Private and set a password to send to the select viewers.

Close out of the popup tab. Go back to the presentation thumbnail and click the downward arrow at the bottom right corner. From the drop down, select Remote Pres. 


Once you click Remote Pres, the remote presenting tool settings will pop up.


There are a few ways to do a remote presentation. The first option is to schedule a remote presentation and send an invitation to your viewers for a remote presentation that will start at a certain time. To do this, click Choose presenting time, and a calendar will pop up. Select the date you want the presentation to be, and then select the time. Note that the clock is a 24 hour clock, so if you want your presentation to be at 6:30 PM, this would be 18:30. You can select the time, then input the email addresses of the viewers you will be sending the presentation to, and click Send.


Another way of sharing the presentation link to your remote viewers is by copying the Link provided, and sending it through any channel you prefer to your viewers. Additionally, you can input a list of email addresses of your viewers and click Send and the remote presentation will be sent to them through the Emaze system.

Finally, you can send the link in any way to your viewers and choose to begin your presentation right then and there by clicking Start Now. 

A page will open and you will be taken to the live remote presentation. In the top right corner, you (the host) can see who the participants of the presentation are, and you can also find the chat there to communicate with participants. You can choose to speak to your viewers through microphone or turn the microphone off. You can also control the presentation as it is seen on the viewers' screens with your own keyboard and mouse. 

Watch this 30 second video to see how to use the remote presenting tool:



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