Adding PayPal

Login to your Emaze account at

From the HOME tab, click on the MY tab. Here you will find all of the things you have created in Emaze.

Go to the thumbnail of the website you want to work on, and click EDIT. From there, the Editor will open up.

Go to the toolbar at the top, where you will see Widget on the right.


Select Widget and choose Shopping.


You will be taken to this screen.


Click on the link in the bottom left hand corner. This will allow you to configure the PayPal Buy Now button on your website.


Once you click the link, you will be taken to log in to your PayPal account. Put in your login info.

You will be taken to a page that will say My Saved Buttons.


Under Related Items click Create New Button.

In the drop down for Choose a Button Type, select Buy Now.

Below in the blank text field, give your item a name.

Then, you can choose to customize your button by adding a drop down menu with things like the different color and size options of your item. You can choose to add a drop down menu with prices or without. On the right hand side, you can preview how your customers will see the button. When you have finished adding the details, click Done.


You can then also choose if you want to customize the text and appearance of your button. This is optional.


Then, complete the Shipping, Tax Rate, and Email Address fields as necessary. When you are finished, click Create Button at the bottom to create your button.

Then, you will be taken to a page where you get the code to add the button to your website.

To copy the button code, click Select Code. It will highlight the code in the field. Then press CTRL+C to copy it.


Then, return to your Emaze website in the Editor. In the PayPal widget popup, locate the button embed code box, and paste your button code there (press CTRL+V), replacing the sample code that is in the field.

In the Preview box at the bottom, you will then see a preview of what your button will look like.

Once you are satisfied, click Save Changes.

The popup will close and you will see your live button that you created. You can move it anywhere you want on your website.

Once you have finished adding Buy Now buttons to your website, make sure to click Save and then click Publish.

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