Adding a New Section

Login to your Emaze account at

From the HOME tab, click on the MY tab. Here you will find all of the things you have created in Emaze. 

Go to the thumbnail of the website you want to work on, and click EDIT. From there, the Editor will open up.

Adding a new section to your website that is not part of the original Emaze template is easy. If it is a website with multiple pages, add another page on the left-hand side of the Editor. If it is a vertical scroll website, feel free to move any elements of the template around to make room for the new section, or add it to the bottom by adding more space at the bottom of the page.

Then, add whatever kind of section you want to add to your website. It can be a space for some more text, a photo gallery, another social media widget, video, or iframe. Then add a title to the section.

Click on the title text box, and in the toolbar that pops up, click on the small flag (target) and name that section.

Then click Add to Site Menu, and then click Update. This will add the new section of your website to the menu. A small flag will pop up below the element indicating that the element has been set as a target. Any text or visual element in your Emaze website can be set as a linked target.

Once you have finished, click Save, and then click Publish.

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