Embedding Blogs and IFrames

Login to your Emaze account at

From the HOME tab, click on the MY tab. Here you will find all of the things you have created in Emaze. 

Go to the thumbnail of the website you want to work on, and click EDIT. From there, the Editor will open up.

In the Editor, you can either replace one of the Emaze sample iframes/live embeds that is in the template, or add your own to your website.

To add your own iframe/ live embed to your Emaze website, simply copy the link of the iframe or webpage that you want to add in. Then, in the Editor, click the Media icon. In the open text box, paste the copied URL link. Then click ADD.

The iframe or webpage you have added to your website will pop up. You can drag it to wherever you would like it to be placed in your website, and can enlarge and shrink the size of the frame.

Once you have finished, click Save, and then click Publish.

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