Publishing a Website

Login to your Emaze account at

From the HOME tab, click on the MY tab. Here you will find all of the things you have created in Emaze.

Go to the thumbnail of the website you want to publish, and at the bottom of the thumbnail, click the small down arrow. A menu of options will drop down. Click Publish.

A box will pop up for you to finish publishing your website. Where it says New Domain, fill in the domain name that you would like to use, for example,

If a green check appears next to it, then that domain name is available for you to use. If a red X appears next to it, then that domain name is no longer available, and you should change it to a different one.

Once done, click the Publish button at the bottom.

A box will pop up with your website link and options for sharing your website on all of your social platforms.


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