Adding In Google Photos

Now you can enhance your website, photo album or presentation by adding in your own Google photos!

To do so you will need to change the permissions on your Google drive to be able to share your photos with anyone viewing your website.

1. Head on over to and login to your account.

2. Then under Settings, select “Automatically put your photos in a folder in my drive”.  A new folder named “Google Photos” will be added to your Google Drive.


3. Then click the Add Collaborators icon for the newly added “Google photos” folder.

*Note: You can also add collaborators and enable permissions on certain albums in your folder without adding collaborators to the entire folder of your Google photos. Simply open the folder and select the album(s) that you would like to add collaborators on, and click the Add Collaborators icon for each of them.


4. You will be asked if you'd like to share this folder.  Select OK.

4. Then in the share dialog, select “Advanced”, and then select “On – Anyone with the link”

 You are all set! You now have the permissions set in your Google Drive for you to add in any photo! It's now easier than ever to impress!

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