Editing a Menu

Add a menu to your Social Hub Website to navigate your visitors through your site!

1. Open up the website you are working on in the emaze Editor. 
Go to the toolbar at the top, where you will see Widget on the right.


Select Widget, and choose Menu Bar.


2. When you click on Menu Bar, this page will pop up. It will ask you to select and configure your menu.


3. You may notice the Navigate section at the bottom of the page. To arrange the order of the menu, go back to the Widget for Menu Bar, and go to the bottom right corner of the page. There you will see a Navigate section. Click and drag the items to arrange the order of the menu, from first to last.


4. There are four options of menus in the Widget. If you click None, your website will have no menu. If there is already a menu in your site, it will remove your menu. Simple will add a basic menu across the top of your page. 3D Pivot is a hamburger bar menu that will appear at the top corner of your website, that visitors can click on and a drop down of the pages will appear. Frosty is a different design of a hamburger bar menu that will appear at the top corner of your website that visitors can click on and a drop down of the pages will appear.


5. Once you have selected the style of menu that you want in your website, you can adjust the settings. In Settings, you can select the Background Color of your menu. You can also choose if you would like to set the background of your menu to be an image, and upload an image from your computer. In Font, you can select the font of the text that will appear in your menu, and adjust the font size. In Direction, you can adjust the direction that your menu items go, from left to right or right to left, depending on your language. In Page Align, you can decide if you want your menu to be centered on your website, or aligned to the left or right.


6. Here is how to add pages from your website to the menu and arrange the order:

In the Editor, go to the left side where it shows the slides or pages of your website. On the tile of each page, hover over it, and click the 3 bar hamburger icon for Settings. A pop-up box that says Page Options will open.


7. Where it says Name, fill in what you want that page of your website to be called in the Menu. Once you have filled in a name, click Add to site menu to add this page to your website menu.


8. Continue to do this for the other pages of your website. If you want your website to be one long vertical scroll page with different menu items linking to different parts of the page, all you have to do is click on a section of the page like this:


9. Once the image or text is selected, go to the toolbar that pops up on top and select the flag icon.


10. In Set As Target, type the name that you want to appear in the menu for that part of the page. Then click Add to site menu and click Update.


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