How to Create an Emaze Website

Creating a website in Emaze is easy! Customize your website and have it ready in minutes.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. When you are logged into Emaze, select Create New Emaze.


  2. Then select Website.


  3. Choose from one of the many templates and find one that you want to use, hover over it, and click Edit to start working on it. You can also click Preview to see what that template looks like.


    Once you've found the template you love and click Edit, you will be taken to the Wizard, where you can connect your social media feeds so that they appear in your website.


  4. Once you finish connecting your social feeds or skip that step, the Emaze Editor will open up. In the toolbar on top, you can add text, images, media and shapes. There is also a Widget in the toolbar where you can easily add things to your website. To learn more about how to add a social feed to your website, click here.


  5. To edit the Menu in your website and add the pages that you want, double click on the Menu at the top of your page.


  6. To name a page of your website, add a page to your menu or remove it, go to the left side of the editor where the pages are, and hover over the tab. Click the 3 bar hamburger at the bottom for “Settings”.


  7. When the Page Options box pops up, type in what you want the page of your website to be named in the Menu (like “Home”), and check off Add to Site Menu.


    To learn more about adjusting your Menu Setting, click here.

    Once you are done adding your social widget, photos, videos, and text, and have finished designing it to be your perfect website, Save and Publish!

  8. To publish your website, click Publish.


    You will be taken to the Publish pop-up. Here, you can publish to a free domain name of your choice, for example You can also connect your Emaze website to a custom domain name that you own.

    To learn more about how to create a website with Emaze, watch the full video here.
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