Adding a Parallax Effect

Add a parallax effect to your emaze to engage your audience!

Parallax is an effect that creates the appearance of depth and dimension by moving two elements at different rates when scrolling through a web page or slide.  

We’ve created three different types of parallax effects: Parallax, Parallax-Motion, and Parallax-Zoom. In the basic parallax effect, a background mask partially covers an image or video, so that when scrolling through the webpage, the image is partially revealed or concealed.  

In Parallax-Motion, besides the basic mask of parallax, there is an additional element of a moving image.

In Parallax-Zoom, there is an added feature of zooming in on the image as one scrolls through the webpage.  

1. To create a parallax effect, first you will need at least one image or video.  Please see HERE to learn how to add an image. In this wiki, we found one using the image search within emaze.

2. Next, we stretched the image to fit the width of the slide. Please Note: For the parallax to look the most impressive and be most effective, we recommend using a wide horizontal image that can stretch across the whole emaze slide.  The reason is that the size of the image will be the basis for the mask of the webpage.  

3. Select the image

4. Select the Fx button from the Image toolbar.

5. Select the effect Scroll and then select a specific type of Parallax effect: Parallax, Parallax-Motion, or Parallax-Zoom. 

6. To see the effect in action, click View and start scrolling.

7. You may notice when you scroll all the way to the bottom that some text has appeared. This text automatically appears to let you know that when you add the parallax effects, it turns your emaze into a vertical scrolling slide. You can simply delete that text.

For more background and some great examples of how parallax can look, check out this emaze

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